It’s Time to Cozy Up!

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The temperature is dropping and leaves are almost done falling. Wisconsinites are cleaning up their homes for the winter and swapping out linens and decorations for the colder months. Nothing feels better than wrapping up in a big blanket in front of a roaring fire on a cold night! The whole scene just conjures up images of coziness, warmth and the cold seasons. Here are some things to add to your home to recreate that intimate, snug feeling!

  • Gather around the fireplace. Your fireplace has been dormant for many months. It’s time to bring back some life by rearranging your furniture to make this piece the focus again. It will become the perfect gathering spot!

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  • Add a pop of cheery color! The other months enjoy pastels and a multitude of color. This season, bring out deep cherry, mahogany, forest green, golden yellows and other colors that make you feel warm inside!
  • Reflect on the upcoming season with mirrors. Shorter days mean less natural light filtering in your home. Take advantage of every ray with additional mirrors hung in your home.
  • Think luxury! Nothing makes you happier than jumping into a warm bed for the night! Switch out your light linens for a comfy textured bedding, a cashmere throw and soft pillows for a refuge from the outside weather.

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  • Cozy up all of the senses. Touch and sight are two big sensory additions to the feeling of being cozy. Add another with scent! Burning a candle or having a bag of potpourri in cinnamon, balsam, pumpkin, apple or cranberries can invoke the same feeling of wrapping up in a big blanket.
  • Bring the cuddling up a notch. Extra blankets and pillows should abound your abode! Add them to the bedrooms and living rooms; you could even add a pillow to each kitchen chair!

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The colder months may not be everyone’s favorite time of the year but they do bring a sense of their own happiness in quiet family time and of course being cozy indoors! #ShorewestRealtors #Cozy #ColdMonths

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